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Shandong Silver Hawk Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd

We,Shandong Silver Hawk Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd. are a large-sized private enterprise, which specializes in purification and deep-processing of natural celluloses with businesses in chemical industry, energy sources, education, tourism,etc. The well-known affiliate, Shandong Silver Hawk Co.,Ltd. is the largest cotton linter pulp producer in the world and the largest cotton linter pulp exporter in China.

Silver Hawk Chemical Fibre boasts of two production bases.The high-tech industrial base in the East is situated in the area where Shandong Peninsula Ocean Economic Zone and Jiaodong Peninsula High-end Industrial Zone join.To the east is the city of Qingdao, and to the west is the city of Weifang. It has convenient communications and good transports by land, sea and air.The conventional industrial base in the west is situated in Xinjiang Autonomous Region,where natural resources are exceptionally rich.

Products,made in our company and the affiliates,consist of cotton linter pulp(260,000t/a capacity), sisal hemp pulp and other cellulose pulps made of alternative materials, viscose staple fibres(130,000t/a capacity),cellulose ethers(current output:2,000t/a;designed capacity:15,000t/a) . Our thermal power plant can annually generate 200 million KWH of electricity and 2 million tons of steam.

We have upgraded the traditional CLP process which has been lasting for more than 50 years in China,and have caught up with the world advanced level in purification of natural celluloses and development of new products of cotton linter pulp. We built an advanced R&D centre and a well-equipped ISO climatizer,and participated in the drafting of the national standard for rayon-grade cotton linter pulp. Silver Hawk won the most patents in the national industry, and undertook many national “Spark Plan” projects and scientific & technological projects. The patents we owned filled 13 gaps in the industry of China. Silver Hawk was recognized as “National High-tech Enterprise” and “China’s Functional CLP Research & Development, Production and Export Base”.

Silver Hawk has been taking the lead in the national industry and has changed the setup of the international CLP market.In China we were the first one who manufactured CLP grades with internationally-accepted quality and sold abroad in quantity.Now we have been making our presence strongly felt on the world market for more than ten years.Our brand,Taishan®, is recognized as China’s Well-Known Trademark, and our CLP grades are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia .

Our company adheres to the management principle of “Putting honesty first and seeking partners’ trust above all else” and makes every effort to strive for the “Four First-Rates”(forming first-rate ranks, building a first-rate enterprise, producing first-rate products and making first-rate contributions).The staff members and workers of our company commit ourselves to serving the clients and partners wholeheartedly, and give a warm welcome to friends in all walks of life to join hand in hand in developing a bright future.

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